The most demanding platform in terms of security

What are the advantages for large companies?

  • Your penal and contractual risk mastered
  • Precious time saved
  • Accelerated signing of contracts
  • Operations managed with greater efficiency
  • The reputation of your company secured
Today, in the context of your client-supplier relationships, you need:
  • Master your penal and contractual risk to make your legal position secure
  • Manage a high volume of administrative documents to save time
  • Digitalise your business to facilitate your operations

The Attestation Légale solution

Attestation Légale brings you the solution to guarantee the compliance of your sub-contractors and simplify the management of your operations, all in one place.
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Our Services

Thanks to our secure, easy-to-use platform and our personal support, you can:

Services for Sub-contractors

  • Keep your legal and professional documents up-to-date
  • Distribute your documents quickly and in full security
  • Certify to your clients that your position is fully compliant
  • Access archived documents for 15 years
  • Make life even simpler: let us have your Mandate to Collect and we will collect your documents on your behalf.

Services for Principals

  • Collect and consult supplier documents safe in the knowledge they are authentic.
  • Simplify and secure your subcontracting acceptance requests with the PanDA solution
  • Access archived documents for 15 years
  • See at a glance your legal compliance status**
  • Opt for our customised solutions
    • An overall, real-time status of your sub-contractors’ files via an intuitive dashboard
    • Specific tracking of each operation with the Operation Module***
    • An interface with your current IT systems
    • The option to connect to other platforms thanks to the Opera standard
*Operation Certificate: a summary of the requested documents for the request for approval DC4 to ensure an operation goes smoothly.
**Certificate of Conformity: a summary of all the obligatory legal documents on the platform: company identification, insurance, foreign workers etc.
***Operation Module: prioritisation of obligatory documents between all the sub-contractors and suppliers.

What it costs

Collection of your sub-contractor documents
Subscription to deposit your administrative file
29 € exc. VAT / month*
Additional Services
* subscription payable annually + €39 (without taxes) of subscription fees
** ask our advisers for conditions

Convinced or your money back guarantee**

Because at Attestation Légale it is unimaginable for someone who is not satisfied to pay

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