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I like the simple processing and how easy it is to search the platform, as well as the help with uploading documents. Very good phone contact with your teams

Ouahid Enchelef, RENO Electric - Gonesse (95)

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Your site is clear, easy to understand and use and we’re notified to update expiring certificates well in advance.

Alain Dechone, Chabert Electricité - PERPIGNAN (66)

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The service is quick, simple and effective. I’ve noticed that you have significantly improved your operations since your creation.


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We appreciate how easy it is for customers to directly retrieve all the documents they need, but also the reminders that help us to always be up to date.

Benjamin Sorzio, Climati Plus - VITRY SUR SEINE (94)

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What do I like most about Attestation Légale? 
First of all my contact’s responsiveness. The availability and attentiveness of all our contacts (Mme Richard and M. Bounabi first and foremost as well as all the people who we may be in contact with. The responsiveness of all the services for document updates.

Sarah Desnoues, Groupe Adequat

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The application has been simplified, making it much easier to use. All our employees can access it without any real problems. The automatic reminders reduce our task load help us manage our subcontracting division. The automatic Kbis renewal is convenient. Our administrative file is always up to date, which gives our customers and suppliers an excellent image of us. I recommend this application.

Olivier Lambinet, ENT Lambinet - NIZY LE COMTE (02)

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Our teams have welcomed this new tool, especially thanks to the teaching and responsiveness of your teams, in particular your hotline. Our employees feel free to contact Attestation Légale for the slightest issues, because the contact with your teams and the hotline is excellent and seen as a true source of solutions.

Lise Fievet Mailherbau, Kaufman & Broad 

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The Eiffage Construction branch decided to support and accompany the Attestation Légale project because the proposed product seemed adapted to the current situation in which the public authorities impose that we check administrative documents. 
The product’s format and ease of use make it easy to deploy in our structures. 
We look at this product as social media designed and reserved for professionals in our sector to simply and securely exchange our various administrative documents. 
We are very happy to see the web gradually being spun.

Michel Bruno, Eiffage Construction

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We’ve set up a partnership with your company to facilitate and streamline document transmissions, which are essential in the commercial relationship with our customers. This effective tool which is easy for our employees to use, gives us a definite advantage over those of our colleagues who don’t use it. Our customers, who are extremely appreciative of being able to collect information quickly, have found this to be an effective tool which they like. Our group is in the throes of an ISO 26000 “social and environmental responsibility” certification process, which is important for the continued development of our network. Using this management method both internally and externally strengthens our resolve to take these environmental indicators into account.

Patrice Artigue, Sovitrat Group

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For a few years now, the URSSAF has wanted to support you in your project, of which the goals of efficiency, simplicity and security seem essential to us.. Indeed, companies need to be supported to be able to fulfil their social and legal obligations while focussing their energy on developing their core business and their customer portfolio in parallel. So, your ability to be an interactive and reactive platform is in itself an innovation and positions Attestation Légale as a true contributions collection network partner.

Aline Lombardot, URSSAF DU RHONE

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I have long believed that companies can better focus on their core business by outsourcing certain services or missions to experts in their fields.
In that context, Attestation Légale can, and must, become a solid, long-term Vinci Construction France partner to help it keep track of these repetitive, burdensome and risky administrative tasks.

François Teste du bailler, VINCI CONSTRUCTION France

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When we first heard about pooling our subcontractors’ and suppliers’ legal documents on a web platform, we immediately knew it was what we needed. 
In fact, we had tried without much success to set up a system to centralise and track these documents, and wasted a lot of time doing so. So the idea is great. And the implementation is a success. Both the business model (which didn’t immediately convince us) and the way the platform is built, using a good, user-friendly and easy-to -use design for our business. 
The service on offer will provide us reassurance as to our checking obligations and our subcontractors’ situations. Moreover, the time our assistants save can be used for value-added tasks for the business. 
Why didn’t anyone think of it earlier!

Denis Faessel, Spie Batignolles

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I think your platform’s really great! I wish all our subcontractors could find out about this platform, which would save lots of time and guarantee the accuracy of the documents provided, along with updates by your services. 
Your platform reminds me of another platform that was created a short time ago for declarations of intention to start works which I also use! It’s truly fabulous! 
I’m looking forward to having your brochure so that I can discuss it with my director and send it to all our subcontractors! 
This is the sort of progress I fully support!


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Our company’s senior management regularly reminded its business managers of its requirements to declare subcontractors. 
Business managers regularly failed to declare their subcontractors because they didn’t have time to get their certificates because they were busy on construction sites and arrived at the civil service offices too late. 
The subcontractors regularly came to the accounts department to beg for payment because they needed it to regularise their situation with the authorities which didn’t issue them with the certificates that would have allowed them to be properly declared to work. 
Senior management regularly blamed the accounts department for having paid a subcontractor, at the request of a business manager, that wasn’t up to date with its certificates and who shouldn’t have worked. 
At last all that’s behind us, now it’s ATTESTATION LEGALE that obtains all the certificates on behalf of subcontractors, so that they can focus on the quality of our worksites. All it takes is a few clicks for business managers to check their subcontractors’ situation before placing an order. The accounts department is reassured about the situation of the subcontractors it pays. 
Finally, senior management has more peace of mind… or can at least channel its energy into issues that are more essential for the business.

Dominique Aubry, CHANEL PEINTURE

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I would like to say how completely satisfied we are with your Attestation Légale website. Your services are highly efficient and responsive to our various requests. Document uploads are simple and easy. We look forward to satisfying your future customers.

Laetitia Castellani, TPRC SUD OUEST - Gradignan (33)

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Our AS ELECTRICITE GENERALE business has been a member of your platform for nearly 3 years and we wanted to send you a testimonial about how the website works. 
We can only say we’re satisfied. Indeed, we use the platform to make our updated administrative documents available to companies. 
Companies save time preparing their contract files and we also save paper and postage.

Ahmet  Kuru, AS ELECTRICITE GENERALE - Les Ageux (60)

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It turns out that the system’s a huge time-saver for us. .
Once they’re online, the possibility of inviting customers and suppliers to download or upload their documents avoids a huge amount of paperwork.

Coralie Bruyère, CHIEZE JARDINS ESPACES VERTS - Auvergne Rhône-Alpes

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Useful, practical, quick, we waste less paper and protect our forests!

Fred Tseng, SETEPUR - Melun (77)

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I was very reluctant to upload our documents to a platform, probably because I thought it would be complex and didn’t really see the point. 
With hindsight, and thanks to the highly detailed explanations people in your company gave me, I quickly realised that it was very easy for both us and our customers and I will most certainly recommend you.

Elisabeth, TH COULEUR - Longueil-Annel (60)

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This form of outsourced administrative document management relieves us of tasks that are essential but which have no added value, it also increases the quality of service we give our customers.

Philippe Noiton, STEPHAN METALLERIE - Pusignan (69)

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When it’s just plain common sense to seek better competitiveness and shock simplification, Attestation Légale is making its contribution to these vast projects.
Why didn’t anyone think of it before? It’s so simple and so effective.
In concrete terms, and even though we’re only starting to use the services, we can already feel the many benefits of this administrative certificate and document exchange platform:
It’s easy to use by everyone because the tool is simple, modern and easy to deploy
Processes are simplified leading to increased rigour in achieving targets
The tool and process are efficient
The employees tasked with retrieving these documents save a lot of time and energy, as do the issuing businesses
Savings are then possible by re-assigning teams to higher added value tasks
Peace of mind: because there’s less stress and less risk.
It’s what we try to do for all our business processes.
And “once and for all”, I would conclude with a quote, which, I believe, describes the Attestation Légale team: “The real secret of success is enthusiasm” Walter Percy Chrysler
Please keep yours enthusiasm.
I wish you more success.

Hervé Pariente, GCC

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I can confirm that EIFFAGE CONSTRUCTION SUD OUEST’s regional management is very interested in the Attestation Légale platform. We are aware of and vigilant about compliance with subcontracting rules and the solution you have initiated is a step in the right direction by providing legal security and simplifying administrative tasks. The deployment of Attestation Légale in our region since the second quarter of 2013 shows that we were right to believe in you. Congratulations for this excellent idea and keep up your enthusiasm.


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The Attestation Légale platform is an essential tool for me because we have online access to our subcontractors’ insurance certificates. We don’t need to chase up subcontractors to get the documents (time saving). There’s less paperwork and distribution.

Nadia Pascal, BOUYGUES BATIMENT Ile-de-France

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Attestation Légale is first and foremost an important partner for Nexity, working to collect legal documents from our service providers (Kbis, Urssaf certificate, etc.). In our case, we also regularly have discussions with Attestation Légale on current topics such as ten-year insurance certificate templates. It has legitimacy in the field through its network of companies, project owners, insurers and, in the near future, brokers. 

Thanks to the Attestation Légale offer, we optimise how our administrative files are managed and secure our relations with service providers. The generic or specific features, especially the “operation module”, are effective services to retrieve ten-year civil liability insurance certificates for contractors working on major building projects. Its model, which is based on an integrated and ever-changing network, is a real plus.

Souaade Louafi, Nexity

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The Attestation Légale platform gives all our current clients and potential future clients permanent access to our administrative documents! Everything is on the same site, which simplifies exchanges, reassures our customers, gives us visibility and saves us a lot of time!

Cédric Chamignon, Techniques Paysages - BRUEIL-EN-VEXIN (78)

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We like how easy it is to send all our documents to our customers and suppliers. 
The site allows us to have permanently up to date documents.

Emmanuelle Garat, EVVO Travaux Publics - BOISSY L'AILLERIE

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I appreciate your responsiveness and how files are followed-up as well as the fact that your services do my administrative work. Your alerts on upcoming document expiry are really appreciated. Documents are carefully reviewed and posted online quickly. So are the reminders to our suppliers. It’s a valuable and effective help.

Eric Rotteleur, Briand Industries - PONTCHATEAU (44)

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