Who we are

Find out more about our story, our mission, our values and daily life

Our story

Attestation Légale has been simplifying company administration since 2012.
It all began in 2008. During a visit to one of Microsoft’s laboratories in Cambridge, Renaud Sornin wrote just one word in his notebook: “collaborative”.
While he was Purchasing Director at Bouygues Construction, he was confronted with the problem of burdensome administration. An idea emerged
One day, he decided to create a social B2B network that would allow companies to share documents more easily
He brought Bertrand Laffay and Fréderic Jullien on board, two founders of OFA’s mother company Infolégale
Together, in 2012, they created the solution. Today they form a constellation of companies: Infolégale, Attestation Légale and SIS
SMABTP entered into the capital in 2014, thus assuring OFA’s position as a Trusted Third Party
Since its creation, OFA has been delighting companies in all sectors - construction, transport, events and many others
In 2017, Renaud Sornin added a second word to his notebook: “authenticity”
OFA chooses NextStage as investment fund for their human values

Once for all

- time wasted

+ security and reliability

An extended business network

Our mission

Attestation Légale? An innovative solution combined with highly-engaged teams in order to:

Simplify your day-to-day

Say good-bye to paperwork, concentrate on your core business

Bring companies together

A business community of over 30000 professionals

Make your relationships secure

Keep your documents up-to-date thanks to our teams, and win new business more easily

Our vision

To build, with and for our stakeholders, one of the most beautiful companies in the world. Did we tell you we’re ambitious?

Our values

At Attestation Légale, our work is based upon the system of the shared enterprise. What do we mean by shared?
  • Authenticity: To dare give our feedback and receive it from our clients or our colleagues at work. Sharing an honest feedback, while remaining empathic and being impeccable with our word freed of any emotion is really important for us. Be authentic in our daily life allows us to build a relationship of trust with everybody.
  • Transparency: whether with colleagues or clients, we have one golden rule: no secrets!
  • Empathy: Because we understand our clients’ problems, we can resolve them effectively. Because we listen to our colleagues, we move forward together.
  • Trust: More than co-workers, we are entrepreneurs who believe in the ability of everyone to make a difference.
  • Cohesion: By working together we strive to improve your operations on a daily basis. Working side by side, we bring you a quality service, once for all.
  • Responsibility: We believe that by giving responsibility to our people, they become more agile. That’s why, at OFA, decisions are carried by everyone

Come and work for OFA

Now you know what we do and what drives us. At Attestation Légale, we are always interested to hear from talented people interested in joining our teams. If you share our values and place the client at the centre of everything you do, it sounds like you have what it takes to work with us!


A warm welcome, PS4 games and plenty of coffee


Breakfasts, team meals and monthly meetings where we discuss work, life and the universe, plus an annual seminar, all to ensure a strong team spirit.


be alone or hungry