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documents to all your customers

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Simplify your administrative management
and secure your customer-supplier relations

As a supplier, tradesperson or SME, you are faced with two major challenges: the need to provide your administrative documents throughout the duration of a project, and the desire to simplify that document management to save time.  

Stay focused on what’s important: your business.
With Attestation Légale, you manage a single online administrative file and share it with all your clients in just a few clicks.
We collect, authenticate, store and distribute your administrative documents for you, using a secure platform and a tailored customer service at no extra cost.

Today, 130 companies sign up to our network every week and more than 62,000 establishments have placed their trust in us: the guarantee for you to secure your exchanges with most of your customers and suppliers. 

Join the Attestation Légale network today, and you be assured of a simplified and secure business. 

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What do you need?

  • Have a single administrative file complete and up to date available for all your customers 24*7 
  • Get rid of my administrative burden: we collect your administrative documents for you 
  • Reassure my customers and guarantee my compliance  
  • Facilitate and secure your answers to calls for tender 

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  • Simplify and secure my due diligence management as a client 
  • Manage all suppliers or contractors on my site  
  • Access my suppliers’ administrative documents and archives 
  • Issue specific document reminders for my suppliers’ files on demand 

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The benefits of the digital delivery of your administrative file

  • 94,000

    active network users
  • +130

    new businesses every week
  • Half

    of construction sites in France use Attestation Légale solutions
  • 17

    Each subcontractor on the platform shares their documents with an average of 17 principals

69,000 businesses share their administrative files with each other

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