Attestation Légale:
innovation for your compliance

Since 2011, Attestation Légale has been offering businesses a full administrative compliance management service, allowing them to better control their customer-supplier relations. 

Using a secure platform, businesses create a single administrative file online and distribute it to the customers they work with. 

Serving many sectors of activity and well established in the French construction market for which it has become a benchmark, Attestation Légale’s solutions make it possible to collect, authenticate, archive and secure all the administrative documents (legal, financial, social and legal) needed for good relationships between “principals” and “suppliers”.  

The company now has more than 62,000 customer businesses and nearly 80,000 users. 130 businesses sign up to the platform every week.  

Since it was created, Attestation Légale has grown fast and now has nearly 100 committed employees and a turnover of 7.5 million euros in 2020. 

Other solutions for you

Other solutions for you:

  • 94,000

    active network users
  • +130

    new businesses every week
  • Half

    of construction sites in France use Attestation Légale solutions
  • 17

    Each subcontractor on the platform shares their documents with an average of 17 principals

69,000 businesses share their administrative files with each other