Streamline your due diligence obligations


Secure my due diligence management

Secure my due diligence management

Outsource your legal supplier compliance risk. Secure your customer-supplier relations with Attestation Légale, a trusted third party, and enhance your company's image.

I streamline my due diligence obligations


Manage all my project suppliers or contractors

Manage all my project suppliers or contractors

Manage your projects more effectively using the Operation module. Track and manage all your suppliers or contractors folders using dashboards and folder overview certificate.

I manage my suppliers


Access my suppliers' administrative documents

Access my suppliers' administrative documents

Combat illegal work and unfair competition using certified and up-to-date documents. Get permanent access to your French and international suppliers’ administrative documents and archives.

I collect documents


Issue specific document reminders

Issue specific document reminders

On demand, chase up your suppliers to update their files or a specific document in just a few clicks.

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    businesses use the platform to share their administrative files

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    of documents are checked in less than 48 hours

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    of supplier documents are up to date on Attestation Légale

A tailored service offer

As a principal, SME or large company, manage your suppliers’ administrative compliance through a tailored offer: 

  • Centralised tracking of all your suppliers and their administrative documents: Kbis, social vigilance, tax, foreign worker declarations, insurance etc.  
  • Certified and up-to-date administrative documents for the duration of your projects. As a trusted third party, we are liable in the event of a dispute.  
  • Documentary reminders in addition to the reminders sent by our teams for the urgent updating of your suppliers’ files.  
  • Secure customer-supplier relations and controlled legal risk thanks to our tailored solutions: 
    • Viaco: third party pre-qualification and fight against corruption (Sapin II Act)
    • Subclic: online subcontractor contract management and signature
    • Operation module: Site contractor tracking and administrative management
    • PanDA: electronic format subcontracting acceptance request

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You have the possibility to share your administrative documents with your own customers to simplify your daily administrative workload. Find out more.

Principals’ due diligence obligations

Do you pay your supplier invoices over the annual €5,000 excluding VAT threshold?

Pursuant to Article D8222-5 of the French Labour Code which came into force on 1st January 2012 and which is intended to fight illegal labour, the due diligence obligation requires all principals to collect and present these authenticated and up-to-date documents in the event of an audit:

Proof of company registration: Kbis or trade register identification card
A social vigilance certificate (issued by the Urssaf, SSI or MSA), certifying that they are up to date with their social obligations from the time the contract is signed
A list of foreign company employees or a sworn statement to the contrary.

This process must be carried out with each supplier for the duration of the contract and must be renewed every 3 to 6 months depending on the documents.

The benefits of the digital delivery of your administrative file

Do you want to collect your suppliers’ administrative documents?

Write to us now, one of our advisers will contact you to propose the most suitable offer for your needs: 

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