Registered on another platform to distribute your documents?
Discover interoperability!

Distribute your administrative file on other market platforms: HIVEO, MyProcurement, e-attestations, Provigis, AWS

Thanks to our Liberté all-inclusive offer, your administrative file on the OnceForAll platform is automatically duplicated on the other market platforms. 
You remain free: choose to distribute your entire file on one or more of these platforms. 

By giving us a mandate, you authorise Attestation Légale to distribute valid documents on to other platforms. We undertake to respect the confidentiality of the sent data and to only use it for the intended purpose. 

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Distribute your administrative file on the Once for All network :
Actradis, Déclarations Légales, HIVEO

Since 2022, the Once for All Group’s network has included the Attestation Légale, Actradis, HIVEO and Déclarations Legales, and represents more than 110,000 clients.

By submitting your administrative file on the Attestation Légale – OnceForAll platform, you can also make it available on the other platforms of the network: Actradis, HIVEO and Déclarations Légales.


Why distribute your file on other platforms? 

You reach more customers and maximise your chances

If your customers aren’t registered on Attestation Légale but on another platform, they can still access your entire file. Regardless of the platform they use, visibility is guaranteed.

You save time by effortlessly managing a single administrative file

You don’t have to worry about anything: Attestation Légale’s teams take care of duplicating your administrative documents on the other platforms for you.

You only pay one subscription

You distribute your entire file on one or more platforms of your choice at a lower cost, without having to pay several subscriptions.

You also distribute the Attestation Légale certification

Our teams only duplicate valid and authenticated documents on other platforms. The guarantee for your customers of access to a certified file and administrative documents that are always up to date.  

Attestion Légale, the network that helps you become more competitive and reduce non-value added tasks.

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  • 94,000

    active network users
  • +130

    new businesses every week
  • Half

    of construction sites in France use Attestation Légale solutions
  • 17

    Each subcontractor on the platform shares their documents with an average of 17 principals

69,000 businesses share their administrative files with each other

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