The solution to simplify your administrative management

Upload your administrative documents, once for all (your customers)

Independently upload your regulatory, financial, social and legal administrative documents from your personal space. Once your online file is complete and up to date, share it with your customers in a few clicks. Our teams check and authenticate each document before it is published to ensure maximum security for you and your customers.  

Browse on a simple and user-friendly platform

With the publication of Quitus Légal (folder overview certificate), it has never been easier for you to promote your compliance to your customers. This document certifies that you are in good standing with the various organisations for the duration of the project.

Benefit from advanced tracking tools

Dashboards are available to easily and effectively track your administrative file and document status. You are automatically sent preventive alerts and notifications so that you don’t miss any important updates.    

An overview of our OnceForAll platform

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Tailored support for better efficiency 

As soon as your registration has been validated and your user account created, we will help you get started with your OnceForAll platform. 

This is an opportunity for you to discover the tool’s features and ask all your questions.  

The Attestation Légale team will then be at your side throughout your experience, checking in with you regularly.  


Digital training to complete your knowledge and increase your autonomy!

We provide various online training modules to familiarise you with your solution. Being more autonomous means saving even more time in your administrative formalities. 

And for a quick and immediate answer, we give you access to a comprehensive knowledge base which includes documentary specification templates. 


Tailored customer service

Our specialists are there for you by phone or email for your requests and clarifications and to answer all your questions. 

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  • 69,000

    businesses use the platform to share their administrative files

  • 130

    130 businesses sign up to the platform every week

  • 17

    Each subcontractor on the platform shares their documents with an average of 17 principals

  • 50%

    of construction sites in France will incorporate Attestation Légale solutions

A complete, simple, and secure service offering

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