A solution tailored to clients

For Principals, daily operations are simpler and business relationships secured
Benefit from the virality of the network within a complete range of services
  • Centralise the administrative management of your sub-contractors
  • Collect authenticated documents with ease
  • Archive your subcontractors’ files and information
  • Benefit from personal assistance and support
  • Simplify and secure your subcontracting acceptance requests with the PanDA solution
  • Make your position as Principal secure
  • Save time
  • Minimise your risk: we engage our liability

How it works

Qualify the sub-contractor form

Map the parties involved,
at-risk suppliers

Prepare internally

Validate the process and personalise correspondence, information and internal notes


Train internal users, provide information to sub-contractors


Integrate your sub-contractors into Attestation Légale

Attestation Légale

collect, digitalise, authenticate, update and share your sub-contractors’ documentation

Invite your sub-contractors to join in just a few clicks