Fayat Energie Service


We are all aware of the risks of using temporary employment agencies, of subcontracting our work… Documentary surveillance is tedious and not necessarily rigorous. I would call this task “the Loch Ness Monster”… Behind it there are people in the company who are struggling to keep track of the ever increasing multitude of documents to be collected, and not necessarily with the ability to verify their authenticity… The economic crisis has increased the risks and the business world is putting more controls in place… with all the hazards they have known for years. A man arrives, Renaud SORNIN, and offers to do it for you. Among others, you might say? But with the big plus point that it has already attracted and gained support from large companies as well as making subcontractors from small companies, who struggle under the weight of the paperwork, more efficient.
This man comes to us all with his slogan “ONE TIME FOR ALL” and his plus point: “He is committed and can also take the place of small subcontractors by collecting some of the documents on their behalf “.
We can only wish the service great success, major expansion and a long life. Its success will serve us all. Let us all help it evolve to serve us better… from a little pioneer of Temporary Work!